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Whether you are working with a large nonprofit organization and want to distribute 10,000 pairs of The Shoe or you just think this is great and want to add 1 pair of shoes to help "fill a duffle" – there are many ways for you to be involved with The Shoe That Grows.

be involved

Help us heel kids in need

Whether you are working with a large nonprofit organization and want to distribute 10,000 pairs of The Shoe or you just think this is great and want to add 1 pair of shoes to help "fill a duffle" – there are many ways for you to be involved with The Shoe That Grows. If you are interested in our cause of Practical Compassion through The Shoe That Grows - here are some good next steps.

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Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of our mission of practical compassion. We believe in putting kids in the best possible position to succeed. Right now, we are ramping up our work with The Shoe That Grows. And we are starting to plan our next projects, too. Your donations help make all this possible.

If you want to write a check for your donation, please mail all checks made out to The Shoe that Grows, or Because International, to 1224 1st St. S. Suite 301, Nampa, ID 83651.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions or comments - feel free to connect with us.

Feet guide your steps.
Daily steps lead to your future.
Your monthly donation can help
shape the future of a child.

Join the movement to become a monthly supporter of The Shoe That Grows.
What footprint will you leave? Together, we can make a difference and leave a lasting impression, one step at a time.

donate a shoe

Real simple 1 pair = $15

We distribute our life-changing shoes through partner organizations that work around the world. We can pack 50 pairs into a duffle to send to kids in need.

Ready to help fill a duffle?

Click HERE to donate and we’ll send the shoes to organizations most in need
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Choose an organization to receive by visiting world regions below

Harvest Season Ministries

Dominican Republic

Harvest Season Ministries Inc. is a Christian based mission work to the Dominican Republic. Our purpose is the establishing and maintaining of churches that can proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been able to go into the public schools in some very poor areas of the country and share the gospel. In the past we have given school and hygiene supplies to the students. Our goal is to be able to provide each child at the school with a pair of shoes. In 2016 we bought several pair of shoes for the children but we realized that because they had never worn shoes their feet were too wide for the shoes. We are very excited to be able to offer them a shoe that will expand in width.

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Haiti Mission, Inc.


Our mission statement is simple and straightforward “Haiti Mission Incorporated (HMI) is a Louisiana-based, international, development organization that helps build sustainable projects to bring hope, respect, dignity, joy and faith to the people of Haiti.” We are a faith-based organization dedicated to humanitarian aid which includes training, educating and supporting spiritual, physical and economic growth and development.

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Over 28,000 children of Guyana’s indigenous tribes travel miles to school by canoe as well as on foot.  Most of them do not own a pair of shoes, so they make the daily journey barefoot. ReThink, of Trinidad and Tobago, in collaboration with First Lady Sandra and the US non-governmental organisation Because International, have joined forces to distribute the ‘Shoe that Grows’ to Guyanese students in need.  ReThink, along with the First Lady’s team has already received and distributed over 2,000 pairs of shoes in Regions 1 (Barima/Waini) and 9 (Upper Essequibo/Upper Takutu).

The First Lady has launched a fundraising drive for Guyana’s fiftieth anniversary of Independence to expand the program and help other deserving youth.

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Care for Joy


www.careforjoy.org (CFJ) is a non-profit organization that makes ‘a bridge between East and West:’ through workshops on Eastern Culture in Belgian schools and charitable events, Belgian pupils support the creation of “Kids-Spaces” for underprivileged children in remote areas in the East. Through CFJ, children enjoy creative learning trough music, theater, painting, books and storytelling, yoga, artisanal weaving and spinning of wool, etc.

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Carry the Future


Carry the Future stands in solidarity with refugee families worldwide by hand-delivering humanitarian aid to ease their journey while creating meaningful opportunities for global volunteers to be a collective force of action and hope. These shoes specifically will be delivered to Syrian refugee children fleeing persecution and taking refuge in camps in Greece.

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Love Without Boundaries


Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is an international charity that provides hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children, and their underserved communities, through its education, nutrition, medical, and foster care programs. Registered in the US as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), LWB seeks to provide the most loving and compassionate help possible to vulnerable children, and to show the world that every child, regardless of his or her needs, deserves to experience love and be treated with dignity and care. The organization began its work in China in 2003, and has now expanded its ongoing programs to Cambodia, Uganda and India. There are many urgent needs in Uganda, and providing shoes to every child in LWB's Believe in Me school program, as well as other children in immediate need, is a high priority project. Recent program visits illustrate that the children have poorly fitting or, most commonly, no shoes at all. Further, many have current infections in the toes and feet and parasitic infestations that can only be successfully treated if recurrence is prevented. Shoes are critical in healing these children and helping them to remain healthy in the future. Please join us in living out our belief that, Every Child Counts!

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Friends of Nomads


Friends of Nomads is a Moroccan NGO, founded to address the serious risk of illiteracy among the children of Nomadic families.  We provide primary education in the desert village of Ramlia and sponsor older Nomad students seeking higher education. If you are touched and inspired by the compelling cause of elevating a child's future, please help us to distribute shoes to Nomad children who travel long distances in harsh desert conditions, in their daily lives and to attend school, and desperately need shoes to avoid hazards which lead to serious injuries and infections.

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World Vision

Asia & Africa

Conflict and insecurity in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Uganda and the Lake Chad Basin have caused millions to flee their homes. Overall, more than 65 million people around the world have been forcibly displaced. Most flee with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and what possessions they can carry. More than half of refugees are children. These children and families walk hundreds of miles to find safety, and even then may still have to relocate again to stay safe.  Having a sturdy pair of well-fitting shoes that will grow with the child is critical to their health and wellbeing. Since the crisis began, World Vision has helped more than 2.3 million people in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Serbia.   With your help, we can help to provide sturdy shoes for these displaced children.

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Project Songkeum


Project Songkeum, which means ‘hope’ in Khmer, is working in conjunction with Build Your Future Today (BFT), an NGO in Cambodia that reaches out to remote villages with less access to education and healthcare. Together with BFT, our team provides health education and basic medical services such as wound dressing to the villagers. As worm (helminthic) infections are commonplace in the villages, we hope that you would help us in providing these children with good shoes to protect against these diseases.

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fundraise with us

Thank you so much for helping fundraise so we can get as many shoes as possible to kids that so desperately need them. Below are some ideas for fundraising, or simply click here to create an online fundraising page and get started! (Questions about your fundraising page? Click here for more details!)

Plan an Event

What are you passionate about? We’ve had supporters plan fashion shows, art exhibits, banquets, or even something as simple as a yard sale or a car wash. Create a fundraising page and let us know how we can help support your event!

Involve a group

Whether you are a church, club, business or simply a few friends, join forces and create a fundraising team. Hold a fundraiser within your church VBS, collect funds during a company holiday party, or put on a fundraising event. Have fun and support a great cause!


We’ve had supporters both young and old collect funds for shoes instead of asking for gifts at their birthday party. They’ve celebrated their birthdays while supporting kids in need!


What’s better than a classic walk-a-thon? Get a group together and walk laps or walk the streets together to tell people about The Shoe That Grows and raise money at the same time. Some brave souls have even gone barefoot to spread the word!

Want to fundraise to take the shoe with you?

In these three simple steps you can set up your own fundraiser, get the word out to your friends and family, and finally be on your way to deliver the shoe to those in need. And during the month of July, we’ll donate the first $75 to cover 5 pairs!

Simply follow these instructions:

Figure out your goal

How much would you like to fundraise?

Sign up

Sign up, set your goal, and customize your fundraiser. Then share with your friends and family!


Once you’ve raised funds, let us know! We’ll celebrate and get your shoes to you. Or if you are having a tough time, we’d like to see what we can do to help!

distribute the shoe

How many pairs can you take?
See our donation levels below:

Do you work with an organization that is serving children? Or perhaps you're traveling to a world area where there is a need. If so, we'd love to work with you to get shoes to those children. The shoe is easy to transport and makes a big impact.

We rely on the generosity of organizations and individuals like you to keep making more shoes. Your gift covers the cost of the shoes and shipping to the contiguous United States. Every pair comes with a drawstring backpack, and 50 pairs are packed into a duffle bag to make it easy to check the shoes on an airline and take with you.

Below is a form so we can learn more about you and the shoes you'd like to distribute. Also included is a link to make your donation if you are ready to receive the shoes today. Or consider fundraising using our online platform and share your cause with your friends and family!

Interested? Let us know about your plans and the shoes you'd like here.

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