Joy to the World! One pair of shoes at a time.

Thank you for wanting to add a pair of The Shoe That Grows to your Christmas Shoebox this year! Please scroll down and introduce yourself using the form on this page – we’ll get back to you right away!

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Frequently asked questions:

How does this work exactly?

Every $15 fundraised helps cover the cost of one pair of shoes. And each year we work with organizations and individuals (like you!) who are looking to include The Shoe That Grows in their Shoeboxes.

We know that long-lasting footwear keeps kids healthy, happy, and in school, so it makes a great gift to include in a Christmas Shoebox. Perhaps you have a budget in place that can help us cover costs, or perhaps we can work together through fundraising in your community.

Either way – if you would like to include The Shoe That Grows in your Shoeboxes this year, we want to connect with you and help you get The Shoe to those awesome kids. Contact us to learn more!

Will these shoes work for kids anywhere?

We are committed to creating shoes designed specifically for kids living in poverty all around the world.

The original version of The Shoe That Grows is a somewhat open-toed design and sandal-like. This works very well for children in more temperate climates, both dry and wet. For children in areas with cooler seasons, many wear socks with the shoes.

But we’re also in the process of designing a more fully enclosed version, providing more warmth and protection for kids that need it. More to come!

Does The Shoe fit children's feet of ALL ages?

The shoes are available in 3 main sizes.

Our youth small size starts fitting kids between 3-5 years of age depending on the child and usually fits up to about 8-10 years of age or US toddler sizes 11 up to about a women’s size 3.

Our youth large size starts at about 8-9 years of age and fits to about 14-15 or into adulthood. It grows from about US women’s size 2.5 to about a size 8.

Our adult size starts at about a US men’s size 6 to about a men’s 11.

If I want to distribute The Shoe, what's my next step?

Whether you work with a nonprofit/NGO, are a church, a school, club or an individual that wants to help get shoes to kids in need, we’d love to connect with you and share more!

Please provide your contact info through the form on this page and we’ll be in touch shortly!