Thank you for wanting to get The Shoe to kids!

Here’s how it works. . .

1. Order shoes for kids in need or request more information from us below.

2. Donate or fundraise for the shoes you would like to distribute. ($15 per pair!)

3. Shoes are shipped to you before you travel. Or, pick them up at our location in Nairobi, Kenya instead!

4. You become a Distribution Partner by distributing the shoes to incredible kids around the world!

Ready to get these shoes to kids?

Are you ready to order? About $15 covers the cost of each pair, and the entire process is simple.

Want to learn more before ordering?

Great! Give us a call or text us at +1 208-996-2771. You can also fill out the short form below and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

(Or, click here to read our frequently asked questions!)