Questions About Us

Are you a for-profit or a non-profit?

The Shoe That GrowsTM is the first project of an organization committed to practical compassion.  Because International was founded in 2009.  They are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Nampa, Idaho.  They listen to those living in extreme poverty to hear their thoughts, ideas, and dreams for a better life – and then work together to help make those ideas into a reality. Our tax ID # (FEIN) is 26-4190308. You can find out more about them at

Are there different ways to donate?

In addition to buying shoes to distribute yourself, you can donate to fill bags of shoes that we send to partner organizations who then distribute them to kids in need.

You can also donate directly to Because International. One-time or recurring donations are used for research and development of future projects and other expenses that go along with producing as many shoes as possible.

Are you planning any other products?

We are! Although we are busy getting shoes to kids in need, Because International is about innovating and we plan to create additional products that help people living in extreme poverty around the world. Our latest project is Bednet Buddy a free-standing pop-up tent that can be used inside, outside, anywhere to protect kids ages 0-5 from mosquitoes and malaria. Donate online.

Questions About Shoes

How do you distribute shoes to kids?

We currently get shoes to kids in need in two ways:

1. People can donate to fill bags of shoes that we send to partner organizations who then distribute them to kids that need them most.

2. People living in or traveling to areas in need can order shoes to take and distribute themselves.

So rather than recreate the wheel and create our own distribution channels, we instead partner with those already serving these children and rely on others to deliver shoes to kids that need them most.

Where are the shoes produced?

Our initial goal is to provide as many shoes as possible to kids in need. Therefore, production started in China where we have been able to get a high quality shoe at an affordable price. We have hired a US based firm to oversee production and we have also visited the factory ourselves to ensure that we understand the process and the working conditions.

We aim to produce as many shoes as possible in areas that not only need the shoes, but need jobs as well! We’re now producing shoes in Ethiopia to supply the East Africa region and also in the beginning stages of potential production in Haiti. Expanding to additional countries will always be a goal.

What size are the shoes?

We’ve created three sizes:


Youth Small = Grows 5+ sizes
Generally fits between about 4 and 9 years of age depending on the child (or about from US kid’s size 10-11 to women’s size 2.5, EUR size 28–34 approximately)


Youth Large = Grows 5+ sizes
Generally fits between about 8/9 and 13/14 years or into adulthood depending on the child (or US women’s size 2–8, EUR size 33–39 approximately)


Adult = Grows 5+ sizes
Generally fits adults (US women’s size 8–12; US men’s size 6–11; EUR size 38–44 approximately)

Do the shoes really last for years?

We have worked with industry experts to create a simple design with the highest quality materials – compressed rubber (similar to that of a car tire), antibacterial synthetic, and high grade Velcro. No mechanical parts or gears to break. Easy to clean. Easy to use.

Are the shoes easy to take with me?

Absolutely. The shoes are packed in large, rolling duffel bags that can hold 50 pairs. A full bag weighs approximately 50 pounds, making it easy to take as a checked bag.

Can I buy The Shoe That Grows for personal use?

We are currently launching a “for-profit” business called Grofive which will sell a commercial version of The Shoe That Grows called the Expandal. Expandals are designed specifically for kids and adults living in the U.S. and other developed countries. Sales from this “for-profit” business will directly impact our non-profit by allowing us to send out more shoes to more children in need.

Check out the Grofive website here:

Questions About Ordering Shoes

How do I order shoes?

When you are ready to order shoes, just click here to use our online order form.

Is there a minimum order amount?

We can fulfill any size order—small or large. We want to work with you whether you can help us get one pair or thousands of pairs to kids in need. When ready, order here!

How much do the shoes cost?

Shoes can be donated to our partner organizations for $15 per pair. If you’d like to take shoes with you to give to children on a trip that you’re planning, please use our online order form.

Is there a bulk order discount for large orders?

Yes. Orders of 100 pairs or more receive free U.S. shipping, and for orders of 350 pairs or more, we will work with you on an individual basis to get you the best price we can while still covering our costs. Please contact to discuss our bulk discounts.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We can ship to most countries around the world. However, this does require some added costs including import duties and taxes. We are happy to give you a shipping quote if you are interested in having shoes shipped internationally.

How much does it cost to ship the shoes?

For shipping inside the contiguous United States:

1-15 pairs: $15 flat fee
15-49 pairs: $1 per pair
50-99 pairs: $50 flat fee
100 pairs or more: Free shipping

For international shipping or shipping outside the contiguous United States, we will give you a shipping quote based on your specific order.

How long does shipping take?

Once we have your order and donation, the shoes will arrive to your US location within 7 business days and in many cases, much sooner.

We do ask that you have the shoes ordered about 2 weeks before your deadline to ensure that they arrive in time.

Questions About Fundraising

How do I fundraise?

The first step is to click here to create your fundraising page. After that, your fundraising coach will provide you with tips and tricks for your campaign, as well as other resources to help you promote your page and reach your goal. Once you reach your fundraising goal or decide it’s time to end your campaign, we will provide you with a form to complete to fulfill your order, or you can choose for our organization to use the funds that your raised to get shoes to children that we have identified to be in need.

What does it mean to have a fundraising coach?

We want to see you reach your fundraising goal! The coach will provide you with tips and tricks for your campaign and supply you with resources you might need to promote your page.

I am also part of a non-profit. How can we partner with you in fundraising?

Though we’re always developing our relationships with other non-profits, we currently do not have a tailored process for partnership. That being said, we would still encourage you to look into creating a fundraising page, or fundraising team, with your non-profit!

How do I get my fundraising page featured on your site?

The fundraising pages shown on our site are displayed to to give real-life examples for what is possible; we do not feature individual fundraising pages at this time. However we do offer other effective resources once you have set up your fundraising page to help you spread the word to those you think may support it by donating.

Can I use money that's fundraised to cover luggage or airport fees?

Because we are a non-profit organization, we are responsible for ensuring that all donations go directly toward getting shoes to children in need. This means that money you have raised cannot be used for personal travel expenses such as luggage and airport/transportation fees. It also means that if you are wanting the shoes to be sent internationally, funds cannot be used to cover import duties and taxes charged on the shoes upon arrival in said country.

We do, however, allow funds to be used to cover the cost of shipping the shoes.

When should I expect the fundraising toolkit?

After you set up your fundraising page, your fundraising coach will be in contact with you. Following that conversation, your toolkit—including a sample pair of shoes—will be shipped!

Got a different question? Contact us!

You may also contact us with general inquiries at:
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120 9th Ave. S Suite #110, Nampa, ID 83651

For media requests or speaking opportunities, please contact:
+1 208-989-8867

For strategic partnerships, bulk orders, or operational questions, please contact:
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