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Feet guide your steps.
Daily steps lead to your future.
Your monthly donation can help
shape the future of a child.

What footprint will you leave on the world?

Urgent Needs


The FootPrints Team

Whether it is $15 or $50 – you can help make a difference


people and counting...

"For $15 it protects their feet for years and keeps them healthy for even more years. We donate monthly because, well, how could you not? It is so simple."

- Debbie
"As an educator, I want to do things to help children around the world have an education. Having a pair of shoes helps kids go to school. That's why I give."

- Krista
"I give monthly because I know exactly where my money is going.  And I believe in helping kids directly."

- Robert

How your donation makes a footprint

in the lives of kids around the world every month

Producing shoes in Ethiopia & Haiti

Adding jobs and economy

Improving design and durability of The Shoe

Using recycled materials

Sustainable change through innovative pair of shoes

300 Million Kids with No Shoes

2 Billion People with Soil-transmitted Disease

Sick and Suffering

Unable to Attend School

Small things that make a BIG difference