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Shoes can be life-changing.
Health. Education. Confidence.
Your monthly donation can help 
shape the future of a great kid.

What footprint will you leave on the world?

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The FootPrints Team

Whether it is $15 or $50 – you can help make a difference


people and counting...

"For $15 it protects their feet for years and keeps them healthy for even more years. We donate monthly because, well, how could you not? It is so simple."

- Debbie
"As an educator, I want to do things to help children around the world have an education. Having a pair of shoes helps kids go to school. That's why I give."

- Krista
"It’s been a privilege to partner with Because International to distribute The Shoe That Grows in the Dominican Republic.  At Project Mañana, we agree with the idea of “partial compassion” and The Shoe That Grows is a revolutionary product that REALLY has a deep impact. Our team works with children living in some of the poorest communities. Through The Shoe That Grows, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the children's health and wellbeing and self-esteem."

- Brian Berman, President & Founder, Project Mañana International
"I give monthly because I know exactly where my money is going.  And I believe in helping kids directly."

- Robert

How your donation makes a footprint

in the lives of kids around the world every month

Producing shoes in Ethiopia & Haiti

Adding jobs and economy

Improving design and durability of The Shoe

Using recycled materials

Sustainable change through innovative pair of shoes

300 Million Kids with No Shoes

2 Billion People with Soil-transmitted Disease

Sick and Suffering

Unable to Attend School

Small things that make a BIG difference