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By joining the Footprints Family, every $15 you donate puts a pair of life-changing shoes on the feet of one incredible child.

My Monthly Step


Thank you for being willing to give!

Your monthly step = their success.

Our research and experience show that just ONE pair of shoes can become a resource that enables a child living in poverty to literally take steps towards opportunity and accessibility.

Opportunity – More than just an open door, opportunity creates a door that did not exist before.

Accessibility – Permission to move towards resources previously blocked by a lack of basic necessities (i.e., shoes, food, shelter).

Accessibility – Permission to move towards resources previously blocked by a lack of basic necessities (i.e., shoes, food, shelter).

Our dream is to put OPPORTUNITY on the feet of every child in poverty.

Right now we have a growing list of over 30 groups with more than 30,000 kids who need shoes. These groups do not have the opportunity for shoes to be brought to them or access to resources to get shoes themselves.

All Footprints donations go to provide opportunity by getting life-changing shoes to these incredible kids.

Each month, Footprints donations give shoes to kids in poverty who don’t have an advocate. By joining Footprints Family, you become their shoe advocate. You become their opportunity provider!

Footprints Stories

A few of our Footprint donors share why they believe in creating opportunity for kids in poverty:

"The Shoe That Grows is a great, practical way that people can contribute to God's mission of seeing justice come to the oppressed through the simple means of providing adequate footwear for those who do not have it. I believe that God has called us to join God in the Kingdom work of bringing restoration to brokenness, and one of the ways that I do so is by contributing monthly to Because International for The Shoe That Grows."

Lucas F. - Cheyenne, Wyoming

“The best reminder and encouragement I have in continually giving to the Shoe that Grows is the closet full of shoes my family has and the quickly growing feet of my three year old. I love having a simple and practical way to help others out all over the world. I must also say I know most of the people working for Because and I know how dedicated , how kind, and generous the team members are.”

Kylee B.. - Nampa, Idaho

"I give to 'The Shoe That Grows' because it is so important to the world. Education in 3rd World Countries is the key to the populations advancement. I see the 'Shoes' as the most important implement to accomplish the goal of Educating the Children of the World. It is such an easy solution at the heart of the problem, get the kids to school and the rest takes care of itself."

Michael D. - O'Fallon, Missouri

Stay in Step!

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