Kids LOVE The Shoe That GrowsTM!

Over 175 churches have adopted The Shoe as their VBS Mission Project, giving thousands of kids the chance to engage in the same kind of Practical Compassion we see in Jesus!

NEW in 2018: A hands-on craft project for your students!

We’ve partnered with two local Ugandan women to create handmade bags for each pair of shoes! These bags are included as a craft in your VBS program, allowing students to write encouraging notes or draw colorful pictures for the kids who will receive The Shoe That Grows. Learn more with this video or click below to get your own VBS kit!

Engaging kids in practical compassion is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Learn

What will kids learn?

The biblical message of Practical Compassion.

How to make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

2. Share

Teach others about the need!

There are MILLIONS of awesome kids around the world that don’t have shoes!

Spread the message of Practical Compassion - the small things that make a BIG difference.

3. Love

Raise funds for kids in poverty and change lives!*

With The Shoe That Grows as your VBS Mission Project, kids, staff, parents, and the entire church can raise money to get awesome shoes to incredible kids!

*All donations raised during your VBS will go towards shoes for kids in need around the world.

Here’s what comes in your  (FREE!) VBS package

ONE USB with AWESOMENESS (Daily Videos, Posters, Photos, Send-Home Sheet, Bulletin Insert, Logos and more!)

TWO pairs of shoes (small, LARGE)

Handmade shoe bags from Uganda for your kids to decorate and send to the kids receiving the shoes!

Box with return label for the bags and donations.

And of course, FUN!

Or, scroll down for tons of videos and image resources available right on this page!

New for 2018, handmade shoe bags from Uganda

See how your kids will share messages of hope with those receiving The Shoe that Grows:

The Shoe That Grows deeply impacted our VBS children. They immediately connected with the need for shoes (for school and health), and were empowered that they could be a part of the solution for other children around the world!

Susie D. - La Jolla Presbyterian Church

"The team with The Shoe That Grows made it extremely easy to plug this mission project into our VBS. We had our kids try on the sample pairs of shoes, and it was fun and meaningful to do offerings to support this cause."

Kevin P. - Orlando, FL

"Our students LOVED bringing in quarters and dollars to help other children have The Shoe That Grows. It was so powerful to see them get excited to help other kids!"

Stephanie R. - Nampa, ID

"We loved using The Shoe That Grows as our mission because it was so hands-on and fun for the kids. We did a big competition and had a goal of 100 pairs of shoes - and we went WAY above that! This mission was an impactful way for our kids to be compassionate."

Mary B. - Kuna First Baptist Church

"The kids had so much fun raising money for other kids around the world to have The Shoe That Grows. They loved seeing the sample pairs. And it was easy for them to try to raise $15 for a pair. Very accessible for our kids."

Nancy B. - Nyssa Nazarene Church

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