The BEST (and MOST FUN) way to make a BIG difference!

Wear a pair of The Shoe That GrowsTM!

Share your experience with your friends and family & raise funds for shoes to go to YOUR sponsor group!

Easy. Fun. Meaningful.
Anyone can do it!
Will you?

This year is even more fun than ever, because. . .

It’s a Choose your own Adventure!

Here’s how it works:

1. You’ll start by picking out your very own pair of The Shoe That Grows (plus pairs for everyone in your family, group, etc who’s doing Wear-a-Pair with you.)

2. Next, you’ll choose a group of kids from Ethiopia or Kenya who will be YOUR group to fundraise for. You’ll have a picture of them and even be able to call/Skype with them!

3. Lastly, you’ll pick a fundraising coach from our staff to help you make the most of your Wear-a-Pair experience.

Then, your adventure begins!

Wear your shoes everywhere you go. . . as you do, you’ll be sharing this awesome #WearAPair experience with friends, family, and anyone else you meet. People can easily donate through your fundraising page, and you’ll have a great time while raising funds for some very deserving kids!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it?

Wear-a-Pair begins on Monday, April 2. People often do it for 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks – but it’s a very flexible program. Essentially, you can do Wear-a-Pair for as long or little as you want!

Who can do it?

Anyone can do Wear-a-Pair. You can do it by yourself. You can do it with your family. You can do it with a group of people. Our smallest size fits kids starting around the age of 4, and our largest size is a men’s size 11. So pretty much anyone can participate in Wear-a-Pair!

What sizes are your shoes?

Our Youth Small usually fits kids ages 4-8 (Toddler size 11 – Women’s Size 3). Our Youth Large usually fits kids ages 8-12 (Women’s size 3-7). And our biggest size is our Adult shoe for a larger foot (Men’s size 6-11).

You can keep the shoes forever. We don’t need them back. But a lot of people have told us that after Wear-a-Pair they have given the shoes to a child they know or a person they know who works with kids around the world. You can do whatever you like with your pair of The Shoe That Grows.

Do I need to be on Facebook to do it?

Nope! Being on social media can often be a valuable tool to help you spread the word, but it is not a requirement.

What do you mean by ``choose your own adventure?``

This year there are several aspects of Wear-a-Pair that YOU get to choose. We are excited for you to personalize Wear-a-Pair so that it fits you perfectly – just like The Shoe That Grows!

Is there a minimum amount I have to fundraise?

No, there is no minimum. We hope as you try your best to raise money for your sponsor group that you will reach your goal – and we are also going to help you get there! But even if you don’t reach your goal, every dollar makes a difference.  We truly believe that.

Does it cost anything to do Wear-a-Pair?

It is $15 to participate. We have this donation for two reasons: 1) It helps us cover some of the costs of sending out a pair of shoes and 2) It gives some commitment and “skin in the game” for everyone participating.

Is there someone I can email or call if I have a specific question?

Yes! Please email Ali at or call our office and ask for Ali (208-697-4417) anytime. She would love to help out with your questions.